Contact Us at First Lutheran Church in Springfield, Ohio

Note From Pastor Aly

Grace and Peace to you all,

With the ever-changing status of Covid-19 in our county, First Lutheran wanted to establish an informed plan to proceed safely with worship and community activities. The staff and council have come up with a phased plan that corresponds with the Ohio Department of Health’s Public Advisory System. Each week the Ohio Department of Health and the Governor update the color-coded Ohio map to indicate the rate of spread in each county. The map can be found at the ODH website following the “Ohio Public Health Advisory System” tab found on the top left of the page or by typing in the web address provided here: 

In this letter you will find the phased plan for First Lutheran Church during this pandemic. As I write this, we are currently at an Orange which corresponds with the Orange Phase 3 on FLC’s phased plan. Once we are in a yellow as a county, we feel it will be safe to continue in-person worship following the safety guidelines we have put out for in-person worship. We will keep you updated as ODH updates the Public Health Advisory System. We also feel currently it is safe to continue in-person activities following social distance guidelines. Please check you email, FLC Facebook, and snail mail for further announcements of in person activities.

Pastor Aly Mazzei