Note From Pastor Aly

Dear Members of First Lutheran,

First, I want to thank you for your patience as we wait out the threat of the pandemic. From the first date of closing in-person worship in March to now, we have learned a lot about Covid-19 and how to take caution to keep us safe. We know that it is not over and there still is more to understand about this virus. We do think however, that with the knowledge we have gained, we are able to put together guidelines to safely hold in-person worship starting June 14th. These guidelines are subject to change as we learn more. We do still encourage all those who are in the at-risk group to wait a bit longer and join us when the time is right. During this time and into the foreseeable future, we will continue to offer online worship and materials to follow along from the safety of your home. Below you will find bulleted points for in-person worship safety guidelines.

In person worship will begin Sunday June 14 with the following safety guidelines:

  • All bibles, hymnals, paper, pencils, and other pew items will be removed from the pews. A bulletin with all materials needed for worship will be placed on each available seat. 
  • There will be one service at 9:30 which will continue to be live steamed on Facebook and uploaded to YouTube and the church’s webpage.
  • Designated six-foot by six-foot seating has been arranged in the sanctuary. This allows for a maximum of 54 people to be seated in the sanctuary.
  • Overflow seating, with a maximum of 20 chairs, will be in the fellowship hall where the service will be live streamed on the projector screen OR in the choir loft.    
  • Masks are to be worn entering the building, throughout the service, and exiting the building. If you do not have a mask the church will provide you one at the door. While homemade masks and non-fitted hospital masks do not ensure 100% protection of transferring virus particles as the N-95 mask does, they are helpful in reducing infection transmission, especially as we sing and pray aloud.   
  • There is a table with hand sanitizer at the entrance of the church and in each available pew. 
  • The offering plates will be placed at the entrances of the sanctuary for all to place their offering in as they pass by. Please do not touch or pick up the plates.
  • At this time, we will continue to abstain from communion until further guidelines are discussed with the synod.

Entering and exiting the church building for those in need of the elevator

  1. There will be two entrances available: the Wittenberg Street door and the double glass doors off the parking lot.
  2. Once you enter the building please follow the one-way signs to the elevator.
  3. Only one person or family unit will be allowed on the elevator at a time.
  4. Please wait for the elevator attendant, who will assist in operating the elevator to cut down on contact with the elevator buttons. Please do not press the buttons.  
  5. Once you are at the Sanctuary level an usher will meet you and guide you to your seat.
  6. We will be seating those using the elevator from the front to the back of the sanctuary.
  7. Once the service has ended you will follow the same directions down to your car using either the Wittenberg Street doors or the double glass doors leading to the parking lot.

Entering and exiting the building for those using the stairs

  1. There will be one entrance and one exit for those using the stairs.
  2. Please enter from the double glass door off of the parking lot. Follow one-ways signs to lead you to the stairs and up the staircase directly to your left.
  3. All ushers will greet you at the Sanctuary door to seat you.
  4. Those coming up the stairs will fill in from the back to the front of the sanctuary.
  5. When the service is concluded you will leave going down the staircase directly to your right and exit out the High Street doors.

To assist you in all the following guidelines and one-way passages we will have ushers and greeters throughout the building until we get the hang of things. I understand that this is not going back to “normal” but for now, this is what we need to do to be able to come back together for in-person worship and to ensure the safety of each member. Blessing to you all as we continue to pray for the safety of our community and country.

In God’s Peace,
Pastor Aly Mazzei